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  • 💎 It's Almost that Magical Time Of Year...

💎 It's Almost that Magical Time Of Year...

...where we get a new Ruby version! 🎉

BTW, if you are interested in solving problems at scale, I found How we designed Flipper Cloud to never take your app down to be a great read from our friend John Nunemaker over on Flipper Cloud! Speaking of…🐬

Less 💥, more 😎.

Are big launches stressing you out? Then you need feature flags. Flipper Cloud helps your team deploy the code now and then rollout features when you are good and ready.

Start flipping features for free at flippercloud.io.

☝️ This gem was inspired by the very awesome ruby-openai gem from Alex Rudall, which we just wanted to call out in case you haven’t tried it out yet. If you are interested in learning more, checkout this X/Twitter community where a bunch of these developers hangout.

☝️Kevin hacked on Prism live with hexdevs this week. You can find the complete recording on X/Twitter.

Find anything cool yet this week? Don’t keep it to yourself!