Ruby Kaigi FOMO

Happy Sunday fellow Rubyists! Not sure about you but we are definitely dreaming of being at Ruby Kaigi right about now! Maybe you are there but if you're not this issue has a few bits that will hopefully make you feel connected!

The Ruby 3.3.0-preview1 release has brought in RJIT, a new pure-Ruby JIT compiler that replaces MJIT. 

RJIT works only on Unix platforms with x86_64 architecture and doesn’t need a C compiler at runtime. However, it is still in the experimental phase, and it’s recommended to continue using YJIT for production purposes.

If you want to learn more about RJIT from the creator himself, checkout Remote Ruby #225

Other changes in 3.3.0-preview1 include

  • Splat and rest arguments support has been improved.

  • The parser generator has been changed to Lrama.

  • Many performance improvements have been made, especially to YJIT.