💎 Ruby Radar #10 - Happy August

Welcome to the 10th edition of Ruby Radar! In this edition, we have our second Junior spotlight, where we shine a light on someone in the community searching for a job as a Ruby on Rails developer. This week, we are putting the spotlight on Terver Aosu, but next week this can be you if you contact us!

You have a product idea but aren't sure how hard it is to build (or if it's technically possible). thoughtbot shares our perspective when a Proof of Concept might be a good first step before moving forward with your MVP.

Race conditions are arguably the most insidious kind of bug; they're intermittent, subtle, and most likely to occur in production. ActiveRecord's `update_counter` provides us with a convenient way to avoid race conditions when incrementing or decrementing values in the database. In this article, ...

Registration is all inclusive; we'll provide you with lodging (we have mix of hotel style rooms and cabins), all your meals, snacks while we're hanging out in the evenings and some of the best socializing you've ever had. Plus we're probably going to have some great swag too :)

Attendees will be barred from attending if they fail to to send proof of vaccination to us at least 2 week prior to the event.

Wed, Aug 11, 2021, 6:30 PM: Join us for a presentation on data analysis in Ruby with Bojan Božić, an international presenter!Outline: In this talk, I’ll introduce Daru (Data Analysis in RUby) as a lib

Drifting Ruby Screencasts is a collection of short tutorial screencast videos and documentation for accomplishing functional concepts in web development.

Need to dynamically update fields when a user changes a select box? We can do that easily in Rails using Hotwire's Turbo Stream actions.

Orbit is building mission control for communities. With 2,000 organizations already relying on our platform, we're looking for more Ruby engineers to join our growing team. The tech stack of our main app is Ruby on Rails with JavaScript on the front end. We're a Series A stage startup with a distributed team across the globe.

Find out more about our available Ruby positions and about the company at http://orbit.love/weloveruby. SPONSORED

Joël Quenneville is a consulting developer with thoughtbot. Joël wrote a recent article on the thoughtbot blog which explored how OOP, TDD, and functional programming ideas can all be used as lenses to help us gain a better understanding of our problem and potential solutions. Brittany and Joël discussed how these concepts can directly apply to implementing third party integrations.

In this episode, Josh Thompson and I discuss iterative teaching and the curse of knowledge, mitigating frustration by managing your expectations, metrics for evaluating a dev team, and lessons learned from attempting to maximize income as a freelancer.

⚡ Junior Spotlight: Terver Aosu

Hey! I am Terver Aosu a Rubyist and I am looking for my next role, I have some experience with Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, React, Git, and PostgreSQL. I am a life-long learner always looking to explore new technologies and therefore take time every day to continue to improve on my own skills. I am looking to join a team where I will have the opportunity to contribute, while I learn and grow my career as a developer.

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