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๐Ÿ’Ž Ruby Radar #11 - Mega Ruby Podcast?!

Welcome to the 11th edition of Ruby Radar! There was a lot going on this week, including a MEGA crossover event among our favorite Ruby podcasts. Also in this edition, we have our third Junior spotlight, where we shine a light on someone in the community searching for a job as a Ruby on Rails developer. Next week this can be you if you contact us!

Today, you are in for a real treat! This is a sweeps week episode, the epic โ€œCrossover Mega Episodeโ€ with seven podcast hosts! We have Brittany Martin from The Ruby on Rails Podcast as our host, along with Chris Oliver, Jason Charnes, and Andrew Mason from Remote Ruby, Stephanie Viccari and Chris Toomey from The Bike Shed, and Jason Swett from The Rails with Jason Podcast. Today weโ€™re going to cover the origins of our shows, our experiences as hosts, and why podcasting is so important in keeping the Ruby community thriving. Go ahead and download this episode now!

In this post, we'll look at three helpful Ruby concepts that allow developers to write cleaner, more effective code.

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โšก Junior Spotlight: Terry Threatt

My name is Terry Threatt, and I am a software engineer from Houston, Texas. I graduated from the Flatiron School immersive coding boot camp this year where I learned a ton of Ruby and JavaScript.

I currently work at the fitness tech company Peloton as a WMS Specialist where I triage bugs in the warehouse management system, train warehouses on how to implement the system, and recommend improvements to the system for the engineering and supply chain team.

Prior to Peloton, I graduated from the University of Houston and started a career in sports and entertainment. I am most proud of starting a yearlong project of creating an events parking operation for the University of Houston Athletics Department that served over 30,000 fans for live sporting events. This challenge included developing a comprehensive parking operation plan, gathering resources, hiring, and developing standard operating procedures. This experience really helped me become a better project manager and problem-solver.

After this challenge, I started to become really interested in careers that faced more opportunities to problem-solve and was well-suited for my interests, so I decided to transition my career into tech and pursue software engineering. Iโ€˜ve always been super interested in technology. I wrote my first piece of code when I was 14, hacking together a website with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Then, earning my first bit of money by coding myspace layouts when I was 17.

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