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πŸ’Ž Ruby Radar #50 - All Roads Lead to RailsConf

We want to wish safe travels to anyone traveling to Portland this week for RailsConf! Andrew will be there so make sure to come say hi and it would be great if you attend his talk Thursday afternoon!

Andrew is back at his Adidas wardrobe again, and Jason calls it BAE, Big Adidas Energy! The guys divulge everything they know that should help you to be conference ready. Don’t forget to say hello to them and say the secret password which we bet you won’t forget!

We finally get Kevin Murphy back on the show. Kevin is speaking at RailsConf, has some great tips and tricks for job hunting or career building, and has a pretty cool tool for helping to write prose.

Using data from Diffend, the WhiteSource research team conducted an impact analysis of a recent critical CVE disclosed for RubyGems.

Benchmarks and usability considerations by Felipe Vogel

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Ruby to JavaScript conversion. Contribute to ruby2js/ruby2js development by creating an account on GitHub.

An action to download a prebuilt Ruby and add it to the PATH in 5 seconds - Release Support CRuby 3.1+ on ubuntu-22.04 Β· ruby/setup-ruby

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