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๐Ÿ’Ž Ruby Radar #53 - Diving Deep

Welcome to the 53rd issue of Ruby Radar! There are some excellent deep dives into Rails in this issue. Hopefully, it inspires you to do some exploring yourself!

Railsconf is back in person! We sat down live to record awith Jemma Issroff, Brittany Martin, Robby Russel, Andrew Culver, Nicholas Schwaderer, and Colleen Schnettler to discuss everything Ruby on Rails.

This week, I'm joined by Thai Wood for a discussion about incident response, runbooks, unarticulated expertise, mistakes during incident response, and listening to feelings.

Rails is full of "magic", but if you dig a little, that magic is just some ruby code. For instance there is 1.day.ago, which returns a DateTime object for 1 day ago. Did you ever wonder how does this work? Let's get to the bottom of it.

This post is part of Hotwire Summer: a new season of content on Boring Rails! If youโ€™ve built UI... Tagged with rails, ruby, hotwire, stimulus.

A RailsConf 2022 Lightning Talk by Jed Schneider explaining why Ruby is a good fit for AWS serverless and walking through some code examples.

Editors Note: things that we are excited about in this upcoming release areHTML & XML Inspectors API, Markdown support for highlights, Sass support for esbuild, and lots of i18n updates. v1.1.0 will also come with bundled configurations for Lit, Shoelace, Ruby2JS, & Open Props!

Enforceable contracts with test-like assurances for jobs.

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