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๐Ÿ’Ž Ruby Radar #54 - Seeing Patterns

Welcome to the 54th issue of Ruby Radar! There are great resources to dig into in this issue if you've wanted to check out pattern matching in Ruby.

Today, we have Steve โ€œFour-peatโ€ Polito joining us, whoโ€™s a Developer at thoughtbot. We learn about the thoughtbot gem Suspenders, his exploration into using the Rails Notes command and adding comments, the process of how Steve works with their clientโ€™s developers, and he shares some other cool projects heโ€™s interested in exploring besides finishing up on building Rails Auth from scratch.

Chris Oliver joins the show to discuss all the adventures he's been having. He tells us about the various projects he has going on, including rewriting Hatchbox, hiring his first employee, and what the future of learning Rails could look like.

I had eluded to this post a bit earlier on Twitter, and in the Ruby bug tracker, but wanted to more... Tagged with ruby, rails, discuss.

With our modular monolith, developers can contribute enhancements to the core product, giving us tremendous leverage, unbeatable pace and scalability.

keepgoing uses guard to auto-run your single-file Ruby script on changes.

Modern encryption for Ruby and Rails. Contribute to ankane/lockbox development by creating an account on GitHub.

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