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💎 Ruby Radar #56 - Rail$ Still Pays

Welcome to the 56th issue of Ruby Radar! We have a grab bag from the past week for you on this beautiful Sunday. Don't forget you can send content to us on GitHub!

How do you code faster? How do you make sure you're practicing effectively? Listen to Stefanni and Thiago talk about Drill Exercises and Deliberate Practice as strategies to learn faster.

On this episode, we have two special guests who are the Founders of Hammerstone and fellow podcasters! Joining us is Colleen Schnettler, who’s a Rails developer, consultant, podcaster, and builder of Simple File Upload, and Aaron Francis, who’s a Laravel developer, works at Tuple, podcaster, and builder of Torchlight.

Google One Tap provides an easy and frictionless method of allowing a user to authenticate with your application.

This article decomposes an interaction with an external dependency into its component parts.

Contribute to joeldrapper/phlex development by creating an account on GitHub.

Multithreaded, Postgres-based, ActiveJob backend for Ruby on Rails. - Release v2.17.1

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