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πŸ’Ž Ruby Radar #58 - We Shield Talk About Turbo

Welcome to the 58th issue of Ruby Radar! Ruby Shield was announced this week! What are your thoughts on it? We also have a bunch of great turbo content for you this week so buckle up and have a great week!

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In this episode, Chris Seaton and I discuss just-in-time compiling for Ruby, Chris's path to becoming a researcher, speed concerns with Ruby, Truffle Ruby, the book Chris is currently writing, and the value of having a non-technical side project. 

Live -- from home! -- in the The Railsconf At Home 2022 Ruby Podcast Panel. The panelists chat about careers, advice on your running your own conference, framework opinions and getting the most from a virtual conference.

A quick look into using advanced routing constraints with Ruby on Rails and how I used them to dynamically whitelist static page routes.

In this course, we are going to learn how Rails engines work by rebuilding the turbo-rails gem together!

Rails N+1 queries auto-detection with zero false positives / false negatives - Release 1.1.1

Multithreaded, Postgres-based, ActiveJob backend for Ruby on Rails. - Release v3.0.2

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