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πŸ’Ž Ruby Radar #75 - Happy November

Welcome to the 75th issue of Ruby Radar! In this issue, we have a podcast on hiring and working with juniors, a pairing offer from a wonderful developer, discussions of business logic placement, and more. We hope you enjoy it and welcome to November!

An episode to inspire everyone who is passionate about Junior Rails developers finding roles! Dave Paola is the founder of Sierra Rails, a new development agency based on the idea that combining Ruby on Rails with the apprenticeship model can produce big results.

Kevin Newton, Staff Production Engineer at Shopify, is back for the third time and there’s a LOT to absorb here. Kevin talks about Ruby Parser, SyntaxTree, Prettier Ruby, and even gives us a peek into the Ruby Ecosystem at Shopify. If you suffer from imposter syndrome, worried if Ruby is dying, or just need to feel smarter for having listened to something, this is the episode for you!

We love reading, watching, and listening in order to keep our skills sharp and our perspectives... Tagged with learnin, ruby, rails, javascript.

You may know that GitHub encrypts your source code at rest, but you may not have known that we encrypt sensitive database columns as well. Read about our column encryption strategy and our decision to adopt the Rails column encryption standard.

ConventionalExtensions sets up a file naming convention to extend your domain model

Timeouts for popular Ruby gems.

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