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πŸ’Ž Ruby Radar #78 - RubyConf 2022

Welcome to the 78th issue of Ruby Radar! In this issue, we feature a blog about a new core Ruby class, a new Hanami release, some new gem version releases, some, dare we say, vintage, conference videos, and much more! We also would like to wish anyone traveling to RubyConf this week safe travels.

The Data class helps define simple classes for value-alike objects that can be extended with custom methods.

Hanami 2.0 is here, ready to work with, ready to tey it out! Tremendous effort of multiple teams joined together on common goal resulted in something special.

Jason dives right into telling us about Tiptap, a text editor for the web. The guys discuss Phlex, a markdown renderer for Phlex, and using Pretty Print. Chris talks about SGIDs and the cool stuff you can do with them, Trix v2.0.0 came out, and find out about The Rails Foundation one million dollar announcement as the guys share their optimistic thoughts and opinions on how this will affect the Ruby on Rails ecosystem. Go ahead and download this episode now!

Matt and Justin talk about RSpec and testing DSLs and try to answer the question "do we need them?"

A framework for building object-oriented views in Ruby - Release 1.0.0.rc2 Β· joeldrapper/phlex

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